Monday, 31 December 2001

17-2-17- Letter to Hogan Howe sleep deprivation and why

The Metropolitan police officer on duty last night woke me up at least 5 time to be honest they wake me so many time I lose count so I stayed in bed until 11am not that I  went back to sleep again

BBC 2 breakout special forces this is about sleep deprivation
they watched this as I did and decide to see if they could bring me to my knees by waking me as many times a night as they felt like 
I have been getting up at 7-30 and having my breakfast because of the way I am eating they know I am not well as it is but this has not stopped them filling there boots 
have done very little to day 
they have woken me ever night since 2004 as many times as they like so they can fill my boots when this started I was in my fifties now I am 71 and what they have done to is taken its toll 


they say it is not to this again yet they target my head ever morning to wake me up along with my eye 



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