Monday, 31 December 2001

28-10-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - so why do they keep filling there boots

I  went to bed  just before midnight and turned the light off at gone midnight  I had fell asleep as all ways I never see the end of any of  any thing when I watch telly in be, I did sleep for a while then they woke me and targeted my chest and neck, at 3-20 I went and got in to my chair and fell asleep there until 7am and  then went back to bed for a little while, 
When I sit at me desk they make me cold to the point that I start shivering and when I am in my chair they cause me sensation to my legs and when I am in the Kitchen it is my back and what dose all this archive very little only them filling there boots some of them have said themselves what they are doing will not bring me down 
so why do they keep filling there boots god only knows because I do not 








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