Sunday, 31 December 2006

when I was raped

when I was raped I went to the Metropolitan police UK who did nothing about it they did not interview the man in question for on year and asked him if he could stay put because they were going on there holiday and this they said this in the report I got back from them under the freedom of info act.
Since the police have been torturing me they have repeated raped me the two officer on duty are doing it while I am writing this I do have video of some of the times they have done it they do it until I bleed and have taken photos of my nickers
The officer on duty has said to night that it away of keeping me awake the Metropolitan police do not have a good record when it come to dealing with rape victims - but what I am real asking is what dose a young man  possible get out of raping an old woman with a weapon he is not the only one who dose it they all do,
part of the reason they do it is because they think I will find it so upsetting because I was raped but I never let them in to my head and have all ways coincide the guilt there and not mine -
 I think the reason they do it is because it makes them feel powerful when they are like all people who do this kind of thing inadequate, I all so think they volunteered for this unit to give them selves kudos because they could not cut in doing what we all regards as real police work and the other reasons is they thought it would carrier favour with them on high but it has not and will not because when comes to shove they will be sacrificed they are what the army use to call cannon fodder
How do I feel about these police officer I pity them for what they have become and feel sorry for there families who will one day know the truth about them and that while they were laying in bed thinking there son or daughter was out dealing with rapist they were been turned in to rapist by the Metropolitan police who need to test there weapons and are using anyone they think is a threat to them

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