Thursday, 22 August 2013


they need to test there weapons and the government need a compliant  unit to do there bidding  


in the Milgram video below they are not trying to make the person been tortured compliant but the person doing the torturing  compliant, ever time they try and get out of what they are doing they are told why they have to do it,

you have to watch this film to understand it as well as the Milgram video

what I am trying to do with this blog is show that you can survive been a targeted Individual. It is not easy but it can be done,
The Metropolitan police were charged with testing non lethal weapons for the Paten report 69 and 70 they were named after Chris Paten
this started in 2004 and hear we are 2013, I worked until 2011 when I felt I was a danger to the people I was looking after because they targeted my back and knees all of the time and I was afraid that if some one fell I would not be able to look after them properly .
Ever day I post in the current months in Labels and what I am trying to do is show what has happened each day for as long as I have been making videos,
 I started in 2007 and am still making them,
now you are wonder why I have been allowed to make them when they are evidence against them,
I fist put video on You Tube because I though it would stop them, as you can see it has not, they thought it was funny and some of them tried to decide who would play them if it was ever turned in to a film, the Metropolitan police are so argent they believe they are untouchable, and there is still not enough known about the weapons they have,
what they did not no when this started was that the projectile and effects and the pain they cause could be seen on little videos made on cheap Mobil phones. They thought they could punish people and bring the down with these weapons but they can't man was born with free will and we will all ways strive to live like that,
which one of us is compliant them or me, I believe the men and woman who pull the triggers are the complaint ones not me,

I have decide to send open letters to Hogan Howe who like to think of himself as the boss of the metropolitan police, I want him to know what he has done to my life, if he were running a corporate business he would be answerable,

Hogan Howe you can expect me  

White Blood Cells - HowStuffWorks up dated on the 22-3-15-

White Blood Cells - HowStuffWorks

              there is some thing wrong with my blood cells - yet they are still causing me pain

                                                          2008 at Grange Over Sands



                                        when see there white stuff it look like you have blisters on your leg
























Tuesday, 13 August 2013

police who have followed me

you can find the video for the pic same policeman six times in labels

3-2-14 time 16-48 The Metropolitan police and secctioning

I have just had a very strange phone call from some one looking for a Mary which is my name, she said she was called Lesley and would not tell me who she was, when I gave My full name she said was looking for a Mary Higgins and put down the phone,
the last time I got a phone call from some one called Lesley she was a social work and came to section me and failed, I was then giving a social work called Peter who came for a while,

The strange thing was that when Lesley came  she ask to speak to alone and ask me to say that I had never been raped I would not agree to this, if she were real a social work why did she ask me to do this

when I first reported the rape PC 412xh kept asking me if the men were black I had to tell her over and over again that they were not
are they going to try again

I refused to take there pill and they did not try to make me

they came and told me I could go home in a few days so discharged myself they did not give me an appointment  to see anyone once I got home and in deed when I first tried to get the paper work they said they had not heard of me,

HuddersfieldHospital 4-11-08

the day before I went in to hospital I was working in Nottingham the hospital phoned me on the way home, I came straight home and had a take way
my brother in law took me to the hospital
when I go there I had to wait for a bed
I would like to say that the nurse were all real good and have no problem with them only with the management for allowing the police to set up in the hospital

4-11-08 -0720

in the video above you can see there is movement from there weapons and a projectile is just hitting me on the head

4-11-08 -1215

I had just come around from the operation and they were all read targeting me,
they all so targeted me in  the room they take you to straight after the op they targeted my back, the nurse who was looking after me could not make out what the hell had happened