Wednesday, 29 November 2017

29-11-17 Letterr to Cressida Dick. Rape and murder

They have all ready told me they are going to do this to me until I am on my death bed 
and have kept saying they thought I would only live six months and wonder why they thought that 
I think I now know the answer and it is to do with a man they were paying information for 
I am still getting it gather and will be posting it when I do 
I would be able to pick the police man out of a line up given the opportunity

the man I am standing with is called Les Clifford he was a paid informant for the Met while living in Rochester, 

As soon as I get in to bed they target me like this both front and back until I bleed

1-12-17- The woman on duty yesterday spent all night waking me up so they could target what I call the golden triangle, On Friday I have my shopping delivered and when they saw the van they started targeting my anisus they said it was to embarrass me, I think it was because when I was on the boat and was raped it was there doing I think they whispered in the ear's of the men who did why else would 421xh want me to say that black men had raped me when I had told them who it was, is that why they were trying to have me sectioned before they had investigated 

the morning that 421xh came to the boat she had a brief case with her she put it on the work top and was quite deliberate in the way she placed it and asked me more then once if  were black men who had raped me, this vist was after I went to Uxbridge police station