Monday, 31 December 2001

11-3-16 Letter to Hogan Howe My Bones Pagets disecese and Arthrits

I have been looking up the effects of Arthritis and found a diseases called Pagets - Pagets make the bone thicken and well we all know about Arthritis - the pain they cause me when I walk make it look as though I need a knew knee - I had My knee operated on in Hillingdon and was told I would not get any pain again and when they leave my knee alone I don,t - my right knee has not been operated on and I have never had any problems with it and only have when they target it
they have targeted my head on both side one more then the other there is now a permanent swelling on both side the red mark show ware they are -  had I been hit on the head with the force they have used by a hammer I would be dead and my head caved in - so what is about there weapons that cause your skull to swell and did they know this before they started - They keep saying that they were told that there would be no effects of there weapons but what did they expect when they use a weapon for years that was meant to be used once on a protester
I have made videos for the last to nights and for some reason they are not there in the morning - may I have saved then right will try harder


11-3-16- 2333





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