Monday, 31 December 2001

13-1-16- Letter to Hogan Howe 14-1-16- what happened to the Ham Hock

                                                    so what did happened to the ham hock
I cooked it on Sunday and made pea soup out of the stock which I have had for my lunch ever day since to day been the last day
                                       Sunday I had Had and veg with Parsley sauce
                                                        Monday I had it with Pickle
                                                        Tuesday ham egg and chips
                                                        Wenesday I made a ham and chicken pie
                                                        Thursday the rest of the pie
so the big question is why dose this upset them so much - I am only doing what lots of people do
had I been a family it would have lasted a day with soup - but this is food I grow up with and like  
so this week I do not need much shopping this all so up set them - I have meals all ready cooked in the freezer because I can not make a stew for one person or do mince for one person so freeze what I do not use on the day -  this is called good house keeping








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