Monday, 31 December 2001

13-8-16- letter to Hogan Howe - I am a prison because of the pain they are causing me

I went shopping yesterday and how I got back to the bus I do not know - the bus driver had to come and help me  because they were causing me extreme pain he asked me what was wrong and I told him the pain killers were wearing off what could I say
I will not be able to go shopping again until they stop what they are doing to me- had I fallen in the street it would have been a hospital job 
the question is why do they want to keep me a prisoner only they can answer that question 

The doctor sent for me and told me that I need to take pills because of the lack of vitamin D I thought that it was a matter of taking some pill and it would right it self - it turns out that it is more complected then that - I need to to sit in the sun for 20 mins per day to help some time they cause me tomuch pain to sit on the bench I have out side plus the fact I am all ways worn out through lack of sleep because they keep me awake all night 
whenyou look at the list of things that it can cause on top of what they are doing to me the out come can not be good 




13-8-16- 0011




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