Monday, 31 December 2001

14-4-16-Letter to Hogan Howe - there pain weapons take to long to kill you for there purpose

I have an appointment for the 30 June about my eye - now the thing is they are trying to decide how much damage they have done if any -  With my left eye it is like looking through a net curtain - 
they have been targeting my since 2007 and even when my left eye was repaired  they carried on targeting me  before I left the hospital and I have the videos to prove  it 
my next door neighbour is have her cataract removed and they have told her there is scaring on her corneal and they do not know how it happened and she like an answer to ever thing so I said I wonder if it was caused by the sun in south Africa - so they are trying to convince them self that what ever damage they have done will be put down to the sun

How have men and woman allowed themselves to be made so compliant 
that they would blind someone or even murder them 
after all  there prime objective was to see how long I would live 
sadly for them as one of them said I have outlived my welcome 
they thought I would die with in months and they would have the perfect way of getting rid of people who because a problem to them 
they have been doing this to me long before I started making Videos in 2006 and we are at 2016 I have never smoked or done drugs and have I have to say been drunk not for a long time now well not since I was in my 30 somethings - so what have they found out the weapons that cause pain do as the labels say they cause pain  and the trick is to keep it out of your head - set your self goals for the day how ever small when they let up for a bit enjoy the moment and say to your self it is the quite before the storm  






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