Monday, 31 December 2001

15-10-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - sleeping in the chair

I spent the night in my chair from the end of the Apprentice the one that started at 12-20 the next program was click and it was about test in different thing for disable people, there was a film on ch4 god knows what it was about I kept falling asleep and and woke up at 8am ish-
I was lovely and warm and comfortable and I think it is the longest sleep I have had for a good while

The case of the missing pill I take a pill the size of a 10p and when I got it out of its little pod I dropped it and do you think I  can find it no - what happens to pill you drop because for some reason they are never found

They have caused a swelling in my neck and when they target it my whole throat swells up in my post in the night I said it is not painful and that is true what you feel is a pressure that makes you gulp like a fish and it is real frightening

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