Monday, 31 December 2001

18-10-16- letter to Hogan Howe - time 02-41 going to the hospital

my neck is so uncomfortable that I have to keep tilling my head back and kind of stretch it

when I am in bed it is hard to find a position that my neck is happy in I feel as though I am chocking all of the time. as I am writing this they are targeting me neck (time 02:46) 
what I am going to do is go to the hospital and have my neck looked at -I need to know what is swelling and get it documented -  I have done this before I just get a taxi the last time they targeted the back of my neck and they found swelling this time I have pic just need it on my medical records 
They tried some thing new it was like a burning sensation and when I remarked on it they wanted to know howI knew easy there weapons can be felt on any level if they weren't they would not be any good would they, 

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