Monday, 31 December 2001

18-7-16-Letter to Hogn Howe been to the doctor and I need a new knee

I have been to the doctor this morning and what she has said is that I will need a new left knee, she all so said that some time you can have a flare up and it goes as quickly as it came 
of cause she dose not no the real reason that my knee is like it is 
now what will they do there problem is that ever one think I am taking high  levels of pain killer and people will  think it strange that I am still in pain - do they give up - 
if they carry on they will look even more guilty then they do all ready 
the pain is beyond endurance that they cause all in the name of we were just having a joke - they have all so caused me pain to my right knee which as very little wrong with it 

my new bathroom 









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