Monday, 31 December 2001

19-6-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - to ill to post yesterday

yesterday they kept me on the loo most of the day under the heading of there fun - what they do when they do this is make me  dehydrated - they did once before and i ended up in hospital and they had to put me on a drip 

last week they targeted my chest until they caused me to have some kind of bad chest and then when I got in to bed and tried to sleep they made me cough my hart up under the heading of fun - that is what they have said all week we just did it for a bit of fun

when they do this I ask them what they think they have archived they never reply 

the other thing they did is target my tummy while my sister was hear and I had to run to the loo so I blamed it on this medicine so they had to stop as you can see I have not taken much of it - yesterday I took 2 teaspoonful and did not get it til Friday 

This medicine was not to blame









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