Monday, 31 December 2001

2-5-16-Letter to Hogan Howe there mistake was never giving me a command

The fist night that they real went to town on me the never said if you do this that or the other we will  stop - instead when I went to the shop the next day for the lady I was looking after they sent someone to see how I was looking and as I was still on my feet and working they took it it as a sign they could do what they wanted when they wanted and there would never be any come back.
Now they have decide that they want to make me compliant this will never happen - for a while now when they have been causing me pain I  have asked them what they goal is there is never any reply 
why this change of tack because they have caused me pain for many reason
1 - they have been made compliant by there master's  -who gave them a pycolgal test and pick the people out who they realised would do not only there bidding but enjoy what  they were doing 
2 They need to test there weapons and who better then someone they tried to make vulnerable and then have them sectioned and get them on to pills and position so they would never believed - that did not work either 

and I have not taken Naproxen for many a year because the pain stopped all of a sudden 

non of these pill were ever given to me 

as you can see I discharged my self and have never seen any one since 
if fact when I first asked for my documents they said they had never been  in Little Brook  

the trouble is they have only ever had one goal and that is to for fill there own needs 
they could never say to me if you do this or that we will stop because I have nothing they want only my body to use and abuse as they have wanted 
if fact one of them said it is nice to have her to take out bad mood out we then go home sweet to the wife 






start of them targeting my groin



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