Monday, 31 December 2001

21-10-16-x2 Letter to Hogan I told them in 2007 they were making a mistake and why

I was driving home from looking after a man and I told them that they had no way of getting down of the Utub what they were making me post and they told me they knew what they were doing,
Every morning they woke me at 7am to post the videos I had made and would shoot me in my left eye until I did
They never understood why they thought they could shoot me in the eyes to get the video down again what they did not relies is that by the time they need them down the damage to my eye was done and they would never be the same again, regarding the pain they told me to get use to it as they intended to do it until I was on  my death bed, when you take all hope from someone they have nothing to lose. All  they kept saying this morning was that they wanted me making video again and posting them and they turned up the pain in part of my body they should not have been targeting in the fist place - so I posted now they are not happy because I have posted videos that show how upset that I am, what they wanted was the cards I was making that you what they have done with out the emotion - they have said that if they give up causing me pain they will look like loses what do they think targeting a woman of 70 with extreme pain make them look like





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