Monday, 31 December 2001

21-4-16-Letter to Hogan Howe

Curiosity  how evil are you
the Milgram experiment 
would you do this to someone on the order's of a man in a white coat -
had they real used this amount of Electricity they would have kill the people receiving the shock 
the people they were making compliant was not the one receiving the shock but the one doing it 
Yesterday the woman on duty said I had given them cart blanch to cause me pain all the time because I have said this - they started causing me pain in 2004 for no reason it dose not matter that I have never done anything wrong they have still do it - in fact they have gone as far as saying that they will do it until I am on my death bed 
Sunday 30 Oct 2011

6 Nov 2011

This is my Enhanced Disclosure so I could work with old people 
The Metropolitan police had to say I was OK because I lived in Uxbridge 
I could not find page 2 so will keep looking for it 






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