Monday, 31 December 2001

22-3-16- Letter to Hogan Howe My Poor Feet and his fools

I went to the hospital to see if they can make me some shoes and they can only make me boot because of the way my feet are - To- day one of the office on duty said it was my fault that my eyes are so bad because all I had to do is delete every thing and they would leave  me alone- I no this to be a lie - they started on my eye in 2007 and if not before when I was not on the Internet making post or doing any thing to them
There prim objective was to see how long it would take them to blind me and how long I would live while they were targeting me 
these fools have allowed themselves to be turned in to murders -

this is a picture of

Peter Boatman
He started Pro Tect who sold Taser to the police in the UK
he gave the taser x rep to the police who shoot
 Raoul Moat enough said about him
I came across this story while looking for non-lethal weapons 
I can not believe any one would take there over this the whole story is quite hard 
it would have been a slap on the wrist after all he was one of there own 






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