Monday, 31 December 2001

22-7-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - feeding for there own sexual gratification by the Met police

it is all about the base 
when you chose to be the size you  are that is OK 
postmodern jukebox

when someone is making you want to eat with there weapons it is about there desire to control you
because the pain they are causing you dose not work 
it smack on there desperation 

some of this is of cause about there own perversion as well as they target me most day between my leg and under my breast as well as make me go to the loo 
one of the men once said he could understand why it turned some people on watching 
I could understand them been turned on if I were young and had a nice bum I do not 
the logo for Adipophilia

to control someone with food you have fost got to take it away and then give it has a reward they can not do this so there plan will never work much like ever thing they have tried 
I have said this before because they are not in the room with you 
I was  married to a man who was violent and I use to dread him coming in from work ever night and then the Pub with these I do not have that dread I no when I get up they will cause me pain I know when I go to  bed they will target between my legs this is there rutine  and I live around it changing mine as I need to 











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