Monday, 31 December 2001

27-4-16-Letter to Hogan Howe - butterflys and birds in the hand

26-4-16-time 19-53
All day long they have been making comments about my  visit to the hospital and one of the woman on duty thought that they could blame the state of my legs on to me eating two bananas a week 
the thing is who are they making up these excuse for- 

I took a pill to make me pee and so they targeted me ever half hour to make me pee and said they could use the water pill as excuse  and when I said I knew it was them they wanted to know how -it is simple when they target you you can feel it at any level it feel like the flutter of a butterfly wing or if you have ever held a bird in your hand and felt its hart beat like that 

I took this a couple of days ago and measured it last night and it was 18inch around my calf and to day it was a little more - they have caused me pain all day having decide it was not the pain they cause that has done it in the first place the fact of the matter it when they  target my knee it traumatised my whole leg because they use different pain and sensation, they burn them ever night and cause what I can only describe as an electric shock to the  outside of my leg and to my knee they use what I can only describe as a tourniquet that make me groan out loud this of cause turns them on.
any way I saw a new doctor to day and he is sending me to see a specialist at a clinic to see if they can improve my legs he said it had been going on for to long










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