Monday, 31 December 2001

3-3-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - knickers modesty and compliance and why

yesterday when I asked the woman on duty why she targeting me between my legs she said it was to humiliate me 
they have said they are going to keep doing it until I post pics  of my groin but  modesty stops me doing it 
when they woke me in the night the woman on duty said they were going to pretend that it was my knickers that had made me sore these are what I had on yesterday and I have pink ones on to day which are the same style 
the question is who do they need to convince that it was my knickers if the first place I  I made a video as soon as she said it 0155 - then 0280 she decide that if I had knickers  on that were to tight I would have taken them of after all I have lots to chose from

what they have been looking for is a pain that they can use to make me compliant what they thought was they could make me so sore that I would do what ever they said 
yet again I will say this I will never bend to there will they will 
and we must not forget how much they get of doing this 

my knicker draw 

I went last week and brought some new kickers and bras Clair took me in her car 
I brought the below and the pack of three knickers above 



3-3-16 -2233





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