Monday, 31 December 2001

31-7-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - my knee and pain

to day the pain they have caused to my knee has had me in tears more then once 
they keep saying they want me of the Internet all together and if I come of they will leave me alone 
In the past I have taken down stuff to test the water and they have never once kept there word - before I started blogging they were worse they targeted my head all of the time as well as other parts of my body and I have the video to prove this 
Last year they said they would do this to me until I was on my death bed so I had better get use to it - I got use to the pain a long time ago that is why they now have to turn it up so high to make it have some effect -
they all so said last year that when they gave there word it was there right to break it because they were police office 
IF I  took down ever thing they would have a field day they then would cause me as much pain to any part of my body that took there fancy one of the men office use to say that he liked bring me to the height of pain then bring me down again and then up again 
what they say is that it is not personal and they are just been paid to do a job when they say thing like that you know they are getting off on what they are doing 
One of them once said that they wanted to see how long I would live while they were doing this to me he then add that sadly I had out lived my welcome 

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