Monday, 31 December 2001

5-9-16-Letter to Hogan Howe - you will never knock on my door you would have to grow a pair fist

The fools on duty have been targeting since I got in to bed every time I go to sleep they cause me pain to my leg  - they kept me asleep most of the day and now they are keeping me awake all night this is there way of controlling me  because it is the only way they can to make me sleep they target my head all of the time and I go in to a deep sleep that leaves me wondering what day it is when they wake up - they do this whit pain and making me cold -  
I just wonder what they think it will get them it is on the same level as making me pee that is all it dose they gain nothing from it only to make me bad tempered if they knock on the door right now I would hit them mind you for them to do that they would have to grow a pair so that will never happen



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