Monday, 31 December 2001

6-6-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - my knee and the pain

For the last two days they have been causing me extreme pain to my left knee the pain feels as thought someone is using a nutcracker on it 
you  no how hard you have to grip a nut cracker at Christmas to get in to a wall nut only it is my knee and the pain is so bad I could cry but I won't - the woman on duty said this morning as any one told her what we want - the answer is know because they all ways say I have to come to the answer my self - I do not care what they want - and what ever problems they are having as been brought on by themselves - I think if they were in as much trouble as they say they would have stopped doing what they are doing - I hope before they realise they are in trouble it is to late for the Bs

the nurse came this morning and the blister is looking better she asked me about the pain in my knee and I said it was on and off 

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