Monday, 31 December 2001

9-10-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - will robots take over one day

I went to my sister,s for a take away last night and when I got home I watched humans I found it by Chance when they woke me one night and I could not get back to sleep so I have been recording them - the one I watched last night was one where they had some of the robot girls working as prostitute I felt real sorry for them -my head was telling me they could not feel but my hart was telling me it should not have been happening and they were been abused 
one of the robots had been modified and she had human trites and we saw her screaming silently she then killed the next man she was to have sex with - I could understand why she did it and am sure that any woman who has been made to do this kind of thing empathised with her 
I just wonder what it say.s about me empathising with a robot as I would any woman in that position
I can not think what would be like to be used in such away my own circumstance are bad enough but at least they are not in the room with me 






9-10-16- 0509

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