Monday, 31 December 2001

9-6-16--Letter to Hogan Howe - feeling very ill - why bring you down is impotent

The uselessness of there weapons - There pain will not break you mantel and because of that it renders there weapons useless in so many ways 
For them to bring you to a halt when you complain about them they need to break you so they can have you sectioned because the first question they will ask you if you ever get them in to a court is do you have any mantel health problems - it straight way bring your credibility in to question - They will  ask you how it happened and when you say it was because you were been followed by police office - I was luck when they sectioned me they made mistake on that day and after I was able to take pic of the police office who follwed me and little videos - THANK GOD FOR MOBIL PHONES because you can take a pic at the drop of a hat 
they still keep asking each other if they can section me but the fact of the matter is they have missed the boat on that one and if they tried I would tell them to look at my blog
This why they keep trying to break me - one of the office once said that doing it this way took to long and the old ways were better - my guess is they followed people sent them pics until they gave in -
There other problem is the longer this has gone on the more I have learnt how to protect my self , 












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