Tuesday, 1 January 2002

20-3-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - when you take all hope away you are dealing with a different animal

20-3-17 Ever night they wake me up as many as 5 times when they do this they target my eye causing pain to them and say we are doing this because we want you to post in the morning - The pain they cause has all ready made me loss the sight in one eye my left and now they have started on my right eye -  Then in the day they target me and say it is because they want me to take it down this I do not do how ever much they cause me pain, All day long they are saying I should feel guilty about what I am doing to them - I do not feel guilty and never will after all they are doing this to themselves by making me post in the first place - when I first went on utub they thought it was a laugh and ever morning they woke me and target my eye until I posted at that time I was trying to save my eye sight  they can not use the same method to make me put stuff on this blog and take it down again and as far back 2007 I told them they were making me put stuff on the that they had no hope of getting down again and they said they knew what they were doing wonder if they still feel the same to-day you see my rule is once it is posted it stay posted as there is nothing in it for me to take it down and when you are told that what ever you do they are going to target you until you are on your death bed you have nothing to loss - the other thing they say that what I have to remember is that because they are police officer that when they give there word it is there right to break it 
when you take all hope from someone you are dealing with a different animal 

I have posted about a boy who has lost most of his eye sight with a toy what the police have are more powerful and ment to be used as a one off only 

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