Friday, 3 January 2003

15-5-17 letter to Hogan Howe -who are they afraid of

they are targeting my eye all of the time trying to get me to take pics so I post them so they can see there handy work - these office are quit willing to blind me to prove to who ever they are doing the job they are been payed for - so afraid they are willing to risk going to prison for -wonder what it is like to be stuck in the middle of a woman who hate you and who ever is pulling your chain dose not honer any agreement made - I once over heard a conversation as far back as 2007 when one man said to the other that if things got sticky they would buy me out and I have repeated this many time and told them - them been the fools with there finger on the trigger it would never happen because to do that would prove there guilt all I have ever wanted is for all of them to end up behind bars how ever high this goes because it is the only way to bring it to an end not only for me but for other and for all time 

feet on the 14-5-17

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