Friday, 3 January 2003

25-4-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - my fat old body 1 - there weapons 0

Have now got  all the results back and I do not have any thing wrong with me other then heicobactor which I will have to manage regarding my eating 
I wonder how much money and time they have spent trying to see how long I could live while they were targeting my guess is right now there are a lot of disappointed Metropolitan police office around at the moment they have spent the last few week saying she has to have more wrong with her then that and when she dies it will give us away out 
so I have some thing they are not responsible for but want to take control of how stupid are they you would think they would see it as an opportunity to pack there bags and hope no body come looking for them 

result of the endoscopy

result of C A T scan 

page from one of the patten reports 69 and 7Chris Paten was the chair for some time 

if you strip any of these weapons down could they be used covertly my guess is yes 

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