Saturday, 31 December 2005

00000AZZ) Halifax Hospital eye operration

pre op examination

these videos were made when I went for the pre op examination


on the way home 3-11-08

the video below was made the night before I had my op


in hospital

they cared nothing for the other people on that ward they could not have known how sick they were



this video shows the kind of smoke bombs the use

you will need to kind of tap your way through this video or you miss the smokebombs

below this is a pic of a smoke bomb and  when you look at the video of me in hospital you can see faint traces of it in the mask, I have other videos with this colour in it


what I am trying to do is show how long they have been targeting my eye for

this is the first eye video I can find and I think it was taken late 2006


25-12-07 -0036


I have tried to depicted what there pain and sensation feel like, the one thing they have in common is they make you want to clean your eyes all of the time, this sounds disgusting but I can not help doing - I lick my finger and wipe my eye to get some relief  

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