Friday, 30 December 2005

9- 2005 - Letter from the police

By this time I had moved off the boat and was living in a flat in Rochester and had lost all faith in the police
on one very hot summer day I drove to Uxbridge in  fit of temper and saw PS Tania Paterson and told her what I knew and all so told her if they valued there jobs they would leave me alone because I was going to get to the bottom of this -she said people had taken them on before and that they all ways win and I said not this time because you truly do not know who you have taken on,
what I now know is that by this time they had already started causing me pain but not how they are they do now
I have written all this from memories so them targeting my head to make me for get as not worked either 
I thought by moving to Huddersfield that they would leave me a lone how wrong can you be 

I told DC Roope that I was moving to Huddersfield

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