Saturday, 31 December 2005

9- 2005 Thorpe-Le-Soken following me and expense accounts

I changed agency that I worked for and my first job for them was hear,
at that time there was a little shop and use to go for the news paper ever day on one occasion I went and saw a man I had seen I Rochester many times I call him Inspector Gadget he is a smoker he use to have a red car and once followed me from the boat into Rochester 
he is about 5-6 of small build he use have a brownish coat he, he is a smoker that is what he brought the morning I saw him, when I went to the doctor  I saw him walking around the back of the building, back then they were following me openly, one to intimidate me and two they hoped I would tell someone and they would think I was paranoid 
the other thing is that all the place I have been to they have had to find accommodation to stay in, so that if I ever left the house they could follow me, the one thing about old people is you never know when they are going to end up in hospital
how did they pay of hotels it had to be on there expense accounts 

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