Thursday, 2 March 2006

30 --time line of events - there voice talking about my videos

the home of the lady I was looking after

went and did the shopping at Booths and we had coffee and cake 

and this pic is to show just how beautiful keswick is 

24-07 -07-1213

24-07-07 -1216
a gift 

in this video you can hear two men talking and I am sure they are talking about the video I am making it is not good on the sound but you can hear one of them say she keeps moving around to look for marks 
the above is what was on BBC 1 that morning and in the fist video you can hear Cash in the attic  in  the back ground - 
I all ways watch BBC 1 in the morning at home or when I was working you can potter around to these programs - when you are looking after old people you need some thing that keeps them entertained and is not to long as some times they loos concentration and some thing you can pick up and put down so to speak while you are doing other things like making cup of tea making lunch or what ever these programs are easy to explain when they loos the thread, 


in this video I am repeating what the office has said about me not getting out of bed 

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