Tuesday, 31 December 2002

A little about about Weapons and people

All the weapon company I have posted on this blog make and sell Non Lethal Weapons 
I know from my own experience what they can do and how ruthless the Metropolitan police are. they have robbed me of years of my life and the pain they have caused has been overwhelming 
I can remember driving down the hill in to Medway Bridge Mariner and hearing there voice and saying to my self it is them not me at the time I did not know who they were but such is there arrogance they spoke about themselves to each other 
one said that he got kudos working for the Met 
it took me along time to find out about there weapons and there is so much more I do not know 

BBC Audio Spotlight


Vladimir Pasechnik UK
worked in Germ warfare 
defecated Britain in 1984 died in 2001

Princess Diane 
we all know her story

Peter Boatman UK
for supplying the XREP that brought down the Killer
Raoul Moat

Dr David Kelly UK
For telling the truth

three dead Scientist all worked at the 
establishment  below 

Dead MP,s

Willie Mcray

IIsley Ingram Dr Richard Stevens
worked with blood 

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