Wednesday, 15 January 2003

15 letter to Hogan Howe all so (1-1-08- 0546 +0616 +0629 +0646)


Last night they woke me at  4-30 to extreme pain to me back  and chest and at 5-30 and again 6-13.
I am going to ask you the same question that I ask them, what have you gained from doing this to me, as far as I can see all it dose is for fills your office need to be violent, you can not say this is for reaches as no one as ever seen me from your unit unless it is enough that you pass me in the street and decide how I am looking,  I can count on one hand the amount of time I have seen my own doctor,
                                                               my eyes and leg last night                  

1-1-08 -0546

1-1-08 -0616

the pain they were using is what I call the hard pain

this is some kind of projectile - the thing is you can not see it with the naked eye they only seam to show up on videos

1-1-08 - 0629

you need to take notice of the way the light acts

do they hid there weapons in the TV

15-2-14 time 23-25
the officer on duty are targeting my feet with an itch this is what it look like
the movement you can see in the video is from there weapons, I think it is a mixture of microwave and what ever weapon makes you itch,
I can not begin to tell you how sore my feet are

this video is from 1-1-08- 0646

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