Sunday, 19 January 2003

19 letter to Hogan Howe 19 and 20 -2-14 all so (1-1-08-0704)x

yesterday was dreadful they kept me in bed all morning by causing pain to my head, this afternoon the office on duty shot me through the eye,because non-body told him they were not doing that any more, sane old excuse that do not work to day and have never worked  

06-00 had tea and half a grapefruit

03-31 they woke me up for no good reason

00-56 got up to make tea

going to bed on the 19 -23-57

yesterday was dredful they targeted my head all morning so I stayed in bed for most of the day 

0119 going to  bed

10=50 explaing why I am in bed 

they are still targeting my chest and neck when I breath I have a squeak and sound like some one who has smoked 40 a day when I have never smoked at all 

my leg is real swollen because they never leave them alone 

same with my knee

this one is from 2008

1-1-08 -0704

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