Sunday, 9 February 2003

40- letter to Hogan Howe 9-3-14 all so ( 3-1-08-0658 + 0702 )



you can see by the pic below that they have been targeting my neck

this is my leg this morning they have been burning it and making it itch


for some reason they do not want me to post the videos from 08, I can only think because it proves how long they have been doing it and the level of abuse has stayed the same 

the purple on the right side is some kind of projectil  from there weapon,
I thing when they were given these weapon they were like 6 year old with a new toy

3-1-08 0702
the back ground noise that you can hear is what they cause, I have lived with this noise since 2006/7 ever 24/7 they told me I had to get use to going to sleep with and I have 
the woman on duty on the 9-3-14 23-14 is causing a sensation to my legs that is making them jump - she told who ever is on duty with her she wanted to see what it would take to make me post, she has her answer now

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