Monday, 20 January 2003

20 Letter to Hogan Howe - 21-2-14 all so (1-1-08 -0749)

Last night was strange in a way I was still awake at 1pm then went to sleep and they woke me up and I did not go back to sleep for a long time, could not my a video which I use as a time line and did not have the sense to look at my other phone and if I did I have for gotten made coffee at 8am and then had a sleep 

 21-2-14 -0003

1-1-08 -0749

they had caused me the most horrendous pain all night all the video from letter 20 were made on the same night because they were celebrating the new year and the blamed me because they were not at home with there families - there have been many night like this, they have all ways celebrated my families birthday in the same way bank holidays and so on, at the moment it is when my sister goes away, she want away on Wednesday to her caravan,  

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