Friday, 7 February 2003

38 Letter to Hogan Howe 13-3-14- all so ( 3-1-08 - 0842)

the two men on duty woke me up to extreme pain to my right knee it felt as though they were trying to crush it, they were making comment on the fact they have to turn the pain up so high because I can sleep through it when it is low, they were all so saying that I was moaning with the pain and moving my leg to try and get away from it while I was a sleep, I think the reason I do not wake up is because I am exhausted because I have so little sleep
the officer on duty at 23-31 is targeting the side of my head when they o this I some time ask them what they get out of it personally they never answer

13-3-14 0017
just got in to bed





13-3-14- 04444

3-1-08- 0842


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