Tuesday, 11 February 2003

42 letter to Hogan Howe 17-3-14 all so (3-1-08-0948)

I have not had a good day and have only been up a short while, they keep waking me up and I do not all ways go back to sleep, at one time they woke up at about 3am and that was it, when I said this they said it was because I was working, It is not my fault that I am not working now it is theirs it got to much for me to work and over come the pain, when this started I was a lot younger but as you get older your body can take less,  if I were in my twenties my body could copy with this but that has it draw back as well because I would not have had enough life experience to deal with it,  I have been through enough pain to know what is there and what is natural through operation,  having said that I now know they were causing me pain long before September 2006, I knew something was wrong but could not work out what you see I went from been able to walk for miles to avoiding walking at all, I  use to look after old people in there own home's and walk from house to house all around Rochester, one day on the way home I thought I would not get there I was living in St Margaret st when I got in my son and his wife came and I was laying on the floor, I went the next day and brought a scooter and have had to have something to get from A to B ever since, I wonder if I would ever have learnt to drive if it had not been for this

                                                                       17-3-14-   0037

17-3-14- 0148


17-3-14- 0502

17-3-14- 1255

3-1-08 -0948


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