Saturday, 15 February 2003

46 letter to Hogan Howe 20/ 21 -3-14 all so (3-1-08-0324) same level of brutality through out the years

yesterday was a dreadful day they woke me  with pain to the lower part of my tummy and kept me in extreme pain all day,  I have had three operation in the past the first was an ectomy pregnancy and had to have bits removed , and then I had to be sterilised for health reason and is the end a full hysterectomy because of fibroid, this makes it sound as though I am a poor thing but I am not, other then operations I have all ways been quite well,other operations are gall bladder removed and three lot of lumps from my left breast all in all I have been lucky  that nothing worse has been found, I think if the big C were to try it luck it would give up and find it was no competition for the amount of microwaves that have gone through my body and pain I have suffered at the hand of the police, 
they are still causing me pain to my tummy but have turned it down a bit, it feel like really ban period pains the kind when hot water bottle and lot of pills are call for
I post the 08 to show that they have shown the same level of brutality through out the years







20-3-14-0912  ATOS



20-3-14-1753 food





3-1-08 -0324


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