Saturday, 22 February 2003

53 letter to Hogan Howe - bright light that are red and blue

 your weapons will be your down fall


I took the pic below with my other phone, all the videos and pic are taken with my mobile phones




when they woke me i went to the loo while I was there a flash came across the hall from the living room  to the front door at first I thought it was lightening but it was two strips of red and blue, I think the blue was on top, but it might have been the other way around, I have not seen anything like it before, the first flash was longer then the second, some time when this kind of thing happens it takes you a few seconds to understand what you have seen and you have to go through it in your head, the colour  were bright

I have been looking for pic that look like what I saw and this is the closest I can find
the  red and blue and they were joined together and were strait and sharp




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