Tuesday, 25 February 2003

57 Letter to Hogan Howe all so (3-1-08-0321)

2-4-14 yesterday was not a good day they caused pain to my head all morning and it took me all day to come around, they have different ways of targeting my head, one makes me feel light headed, one is what I call the hard pain, and one makes me go to sleep it is hard to explain this one,  they kept me awake last night till 5am and when I went to sleep they kept waking me up, this has been going on for two weeks because they want me to deleate my blog I wont do this because when I have taken things down before thing have gone from bad to worse,
when the police watch you all they gain knowledge of is your habbits they know how to follow you from A to B they do not know you or what gose on in your head, you have to learn never to let them know the real you this is the one thing that will save you,

                                                                     3-4-14- 0007

the noise



projectile  going in to my mouth


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