Monday, 13 January 2003

13 Rape in English law - 1-4-14 time 19-25 when a weapon is used for rape

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when a man of 40 use a non-lethal weapon to target a woman vagina or anus he is sending a very loud and clear message to her, this is what he would like to do to it he had the opportunity,
the office of the Metropolitan police do this to me ever day, they use a sharp pain to my anus and think it OK because it dose not say anything about weapons,
these men and woman of the Metropolitan police are depraved there is no other word for there behaviour
the office on duty at this time are doing this right now,
once one of the officers said it was up to there own discretion how they targeted me, the officer on duty is still targeting my anus to show he is not afraid
the pain the use feels like a knife going through me, the office on duty said I have no shame posting this, the shame is not mine it is there they are the rapist not me, I am defenceless against there weapons
on the 2nd they raped me at 3am - 7am - 6pm- 9pm and 0n the 3d at 3am and again this morning
4-4-14 time 1416 the office on duty is targeting my anus I some time wonder if it is the same men or diffrent ones, this week they turned the pain up so much they made me bleed, the man and woman on duty at 3am targeted me last night as well


14-4 14- 0031


you can see movement coming through the window

16-4-14- 0317


16-4-14- 0458


             they say they want me to take this down yet they carry on targeting between my legs

                 they do this to try and bring me down - it will not because it has gone on for to long,
they say they have a physiatrist who has told them that when they do this if they say they are doing it because they are on my side I will except it, and the point of that is because it just baffles me - why would they on one hand want me to except some they are doing to bring me down and use it to try and bring me down it dose not make sense to me,


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