Friday, 11 April 2003

106 Letter to Hogan Howe - anger

to day I went to look after my sister dog who has been very ill, they and by they I mean the officer of the Metropolitan  police, they spent all day targeting my tummy to make me go to the loo so I would have to go up the stairs they then targeted my knees and legs making it all most impossible to get back down again each time they turned the pain up a little more they said it was a test to so how well I could get up and down the stairs, 
a while a ago I was going down the stairs from my flat and one of them said if I broke my neck falling down them it would be the end of there problems 

I wonder how many people are found dead each year at the bottom of stairs like this 

to say that I am 

ANGRY is an understatement and will be 

for some time 







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