Wednesday, 16 April 2003

111 letter to Hogan Howe 26-5-14- all so 12-1-08 projectile that looks like a ball of fire

the thing to look for in my videos is how the light behaves the noise and movement 
yesterday they targeted my eyes for hours you can see how the shot spreads with the lines it causes 

the scars on my lips have been caused by them targeting my lips and mouth 




after I made this video my sister rang me and asked me to go and wait for the TV man because they had to go to work, I had been saying there pain did no go and if I wanted to get up and go out I would and did, 
I have to say that there have been days when I could not have got up because they pain has been to much, there problem is when my family phone they do not know what to do as I have never complained of bad backs, they all suffer with there back but for different reasons, I think because I have done manual work that involved a lot of bending that I have strengthened  my back mussels, I use to work on farm cutting veg and picking potatoes what ever need doing


the thing on my head is from there weapons

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