Tuesday, 22 April 2003

116 Letter to Hogan Howe this is a potted history of my birthday's

  between 1997 and 2003 I had  good life, when I went to the police I thought that I could trust them but they turned out to be worse they the rapist , once you lose faith in the police and know you can not trust them  who do you turn to for help

I have survived 10 years of abuse by the Metropolitan police much to there dismay they thought I would be dead by now and what this show if if I can do it any one can

when I was raped I had a mooring up the canal going towards London on the right hand side 

my life became hell when I moved back to Medway Bridge Marina and the only people responsible are the Metropolitan police  

first they sectioned me to discredit me when that did not work they used there weapons on me,
I think they were looking for vulnerable people to test there weapons out on and because I had been raped I fitted the bill and I allso complained about 421xh for not doing her job

                                                                     Easter 2004
I can not tell you how afraid I was on Easter Saturday because i do not know what happened only that II knew I had to leave the boat that morning is a blank,  I phoned someone who I thought was a friend and she came and got me

I did not start make video until september 2006

on my birthday they have celebrated by turning the pain up 
31-5-07 -1032




                                  they were causing me sore on my legs and targeting my eyes

they spent all day making me itch 

                                                                      I win I am still hear

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