Friday, 4 April 2003

99 DC Mj Roope 18-5-2014 time 2014 what was my crime-

the man on duty who is targeting my bottom has just said he has the right to defend himself against me,
how dose he think causing me pain is defending himself, had they stopped I would not have any thing to post, 
the video below was made on the 27-1-08 when I played it I ask him what I was doing then that he felt he need to defined himself, I can tell you nothing, I was not on the intranet and did not even have a laptop, at that time I did not know  why I was making the videos real, only that I need to keep a record of what was happening   to me, 
my only crime was to go to Uxbridge police station and report a that I had been raped and when they did nothing I complained about PC Collins 421xh that was in 2003 and my life has been hell ever since 
I was in bed at the time this video was made 
they are doing this for no other reason then for there own sexual  gratification and the delight it gives them

the only people who have any interest in now keeping me quite are the office who were involved in investigating the rape I have only ever meet 421xh,
the other ting they keep saying is they have to show me they are not afraid of me - I am 68 and on my own in this, I do not talk to any one about this so I do not involve them in case they all so ended up been targeted -
the man on duty will be about 40 what a hero standing up to someone of my age and shooting them with weapons that they use covertly 


from the patten report 69 and 70 
they tell you all you need to know about non-lethal weapons and the Metropolitan police 
who are thugs 

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