Thursday, 1 May 2003

126 letter to hogan Howe 6-6-14 money

when people take the police or who ever to court for money it is born out of frustration and a feeling of the lack of Justice ever been done. If the police or who ever stopped covering there wrong doing by committing even worse crime to cover them up, we would all be the better off, all I wanted was a letter saying they were going to improve the way they treated people who had been raped and that 421xh was going to be sent fro training, but what I think happen was they were looking for people to test there weapons on and because I complained and they thought I would be so vulnerably that they would get away with it, they started by intimidate me and having me sectioned to discredit me so know one would ever believe me, when I came out of hospital they had to give me a police clearance check and I passed, it would have gone to Uxbridge as I had lived there, they have made so many mistake there biggest of cause was taking me on after a warned them not because they truly did not know what they were getting, one office  has said in the last few weeks that he thought he could train me like a dog when in fact it was like dealing with a  pit bull,
there problem is when they set up operation like this and they follow you they get to know your habits they do not  get to know the person, and they do not know your past, they can find out the house you have lived in and what school you went to what they do not no is your life experience had they known mine they would have jogged on 




the money thing has been so complected and confusing, I took them to court not for the money but to try and stop them, I asked for large amount because I thought it would frighten them, In fact what happened no body ever listen to me and when I went before Judge Miller he keep my evidence and tole me I could look at when and if I want to , just before I left the court he ask me if he had the original and all of it, I was able to tell him he did not and I still have it, I thought that if it went in to court then other people would find it and it would act as some kind of evidence for them,

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