Saturday, 17 May 2003

142 Letter to Hogan Howe after a day of been targeted by your fools (hip and legs)

they started this morning by targeting my hip and leg they did this till at least 11-30 then I went to sleep for a while
when I got up they started on my arm

then they started on my boobs, the officer on duty said he wanted to do what they had done the other day to me,this is what they do they try and out do each other then when I post there handy work they make remarkd like she wont post til the morning and she might be in a good mood, when the truth of the matter is I am never in a good mood with them - 
they all think they have Kudos working for the Met

when they target me it feels like some kind of pricking sensation and as you can see it make you very sore 
how to deal with soap and lot of it, I am a great believe in soap it help dry out sore,s 
the trouble is these men have ever little self worth and this they think boast there ego

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