Friday, 23 May 2003

147 letter to Hogan Howe

so hogan howe the cowards you employ have yet again excises there right to wank over my body, there is nothing I can do about this only bear it with all the dignity I can must, one of there favourite remarks is that I never beg why would it would just turn them on even more,  
at one time they were scanning my head to see if there was a crack in it because they think if the pain reached my brain it would kill instantly and they would have the ultimate orgasm
they way I behave when they are doing this to me make me the winner 
25-6-14-time 2302 the officer on duty has just said that what is happening to me is my own fault because I will not take down my post, when I have done this in the past  when they have said they will  stop but they do not they just get worse and worse if they did not want me to post they would leave me alone 





25-6-14- 0639




my head and what she wanted to archive

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